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2729 Garrisonville Road, Stafford, VA 22556

Izaak Walton League: Defenders of Soil, Woods, Water, Air, and Wildlife.

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President's Corner

President’s Corner March 2023. Please take the time to be safe! We have had an issue recently with an impatient member shooting BEFORE a volunteer was clear of the range. Wait a minute or so and let people finish on the range. We will be closing the range for CCTV camera system installation. It will posted on the web site and emails sent out and in several weeks we will have heavy equipment on the property clearing a Fire Break between the Shotgun Range to the Rifle/Pistol Range. All three ranges will be closed during the excavation. Later, the roof structure over the rifle and pistol ranges will be refurbished to help with range safety. When that work starts the rifle/pistol range will be shut down during the week while construction is ongoing. We had a report of a shooter drinking (beer) in one of the events in the parking lot. Guns and Alcohol never mixes and always causes issues. If we can identify the individual, we will ban them from our property. NO Alcohol is allowed on the Chapter property with very few exceptions and never at a shooting event. An inconsiderate and unsafe few are endangering our Club’s existence and costing us 10’s of thousands of dollars to mitigate their unsafe actions. Please, be safe and help your fellow members stay safe. Annual Elections are coming up. If you would like to run for office or know someone you would like to nominate contact Rachel McBride who is the election chair this year. You can go to the website and send a email off our web page and it will go to the correct person for action. If you need service hour time or would like to earn volunteer time for dues reduction and cannot make the monthly working party contact the Caretaker and arrange other time to help. You can earn hours any day. m2j2{DOT}iwla[AT]gmail[DOT]com

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