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Izaak Walton League: Defenders of Soil, Woods, Water, Air, and Wildlife.

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President's Corner

To All The Governor lifted the number for indoor gatherings to a 50-person limit and 100 outdoors. This means we may resume normal operations and meetings since we have not exceeded that many at any past meeting including our membership meeting scouts or Turkey Shoots. HOWEVER, masks and distancing are required as before. For our Chapter we will resume monthly Membership meeting due to the exemptions that apply to us and the increased numbers allowed (50 people indoors and 100 outdoors) and all other activities such as Turkey Shoots, Scout and other youth activities. Please Note: he specifically stated that if the new caps result in increased COVID cases the limits may be lowered. The chapter held an Executive Board and Board of Directors meeting on March 21. The meeting approved a revised By-Laws Draft for the membership to vote on for approval. This vote by the general membership will take place at the May 16, General Membership meeting as well as the scheduled Elections of Officers and Directors on the 16th of May. This By-Laws Revision, adds the ability for the chapter to conduct business by virtually and admit new members, during a Force Majeure. Force Majeure may be an event such as the COVID-19 lock downs and meeting restrictions as currently imposed by the State Governor in Executive Order 72 as amended. The current our approved By-Laws do not authorize virtual meetings and votes. Other items were also presented and voted upon by both the EB & BOD. The minutes will be posted on the chapter web page. Agenda items discussed and voted upon: 1. Review and recommendations ref the EO 72 amended and exemptions the apply to our chapter. 2. 2021 Budget approval (delayed due meeting restrictions) 3. Conservation projects & Scouts projects 4. Approval to sponsor a Virginia Junior Marksmanship Program Club for youth high power competition and training The Chapter has researched and has a legal opinion that we can have the EB/BOD meetings and stay within the meeting attendees limitation with being able to including a very few members to discuss projects and chapter sponsored activities. Also the Opinion covers our educational organization status to allow new members and their instruction concerning the chapter, items of safety, briefings and exam. IN ADDITION TO THE Governor lifting the meeting limits, the EO72 Exemptions means we will be able to hold our April and later General Membership ‘meetings’ and admit new members. This Opinion outlining our compliance with EO72 will be posted on the Chapter web site. MASKS & Distancing are mandatory for these meetings until the Governor changes the guidance. The next EB/BOD meeting (limited attendance) so if you have business to put before the boards you must get on the agenda. Email the Chapter Sec and President. Please review the Draft By-Laws on the web site and direct questions to the Chapter President and be ready to vote at the May meeting. Mike Scherr Chapter President

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For more information on Conservation/Water, see IWLA Conservation/Water