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Izaak Walton League: Defenders of Soil, Woods, Water, Air, and Wildlife.

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President's Corner

NOTE: Our annual elections were held at our May 15 Membership meeting. Mike Ford was elected to serve as 1st VP and Jeff Salzburg as Secretary. All other positions had the incumbent reelected. Everyone is reminded to CHECK, the web site announcements, before you head out to the ranges. Range closures for construction are likely to be posted with very short notice. When ‘free’ dirt is able to be delivered and the excavator can come out to assist. The Clubhouse meeting room has been renovated and looks great. Anyone using the clubhouse must clean up after themselves. When finished, clean up and put all tables and chairs back in the correct positions. NO tape or signs may be placed on any painted surface. Professional signs will be made and mounted by Ed MacBride as needed. Nothing will be hung on the walls mantels etc. except by Ed. Keep it neat and clean, put stuff away. If the toilet paper or hand towels run out let the caretaker know so they can be replenished. DO NOT use hand towels in the toilets. We do not need to damage our new sewer system. We have hd two issues that he Chapter members need to take notice and action if they see either happening. FIRST: Trespassing. We had a lady piggyback illegally entering the Chapter when we had three Troops of Scouts and other youth groups on the property. The member did the right thing and immediately notified the Caretaker. This person tried to hide and would not show ID when confronted. The Sherriff’s Office was called. We do not need someone trying kidnap a child. We will prosecute trespassers. SECOND: People shooting up and destroying our ranges. Someone has been intentionally shooting to destroy the installed steel targets range markers, range limit markers. This includes Armor Piercing ammo. They are destroying things Scouts and other members spent their own time and money to build and install. They expended the effort to make it more fun to shoot on our ranges. If shooters damage the range please inform the Chapter Leadership so that person can be excluded from our Chapter. If the destructive shooting continues, we will have to restrict the shooting and remove the targets. Our Caretaker is leaving early June so we are looking for a new caretaker to come onboard as of the 1st of July. The Compensation package and Position Description are posted on the web site. Resumes will be required and should be submitted to the Search Committee chair by 22 May. Steve Pierce is the Committee Chair. A lot of people are working hard to provide opportunity to enjoy outdoor sports and conservation, but we still need volunteers for all activities.

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For more information on Conservation/Water, see IWLA Conservation/Water