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2729 Garrisonville Road, Stafford, VA 22556

Izaak Walton League: Defenders of Soil, Woods, Water, Air, and Wildlife.

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President's Corner

We have a very generous member, Paul Dwyer, who made a significant cash contribution to the Chapter. He also contributed a new Spotting scope which was raffled off during the fifty-fifty drawing at the membership meeting The Board of Directors approved the 2024 budget and it will be posted on the Chapter Web Site for review. If you have any questions send an email to the Chapter with your inquiry. The Executive Board and BoD approved a fourth AED for installation on the Shotgun Range. The AED on the back of the hunter’s kiosk will be relocated to the Exterior of the Turkey Shoot building facing the parking lot. First Aid, AED&CPR Training will be offered to RSOs and members. Details will be worked out and announced shortly. We will do our fall water testing on 28 October. The results were excellent with our water not showing detectable pollution. During the next year we will be surveying the condition of our ponds. We will be looking at the fish population and water health for the fish. We last did the fish counting in 2016 and restocked in 2017. We will be planting various seedlings and pollinators off our septic field in the shotgun impact area in 2024 and in celebration of Earth Day. Please let our Conservation Chair Erika Wettergreen know if you wish to help. Over the years we have improved our facilities not only keep them safe but to be proactive to meet and exceed environmental and all safety regulations whenever possible. With this safety improvements in mind, the EB approved an upgrade for the Pole Barn electrical system to bring it up to code and add both a fuel system and lighting circuits. We are an educational institution. Education in firearms and other safety issues is part of our New Member Brief required for all our new members for years. We hope our older members and spouses would review the New Member Brief, Park, and Range rules to keep current and remind themselves on the rules that keep us safe and our park an enjoyable place to enjoy nature and outdoor activities. These rules apply to all. Please stay current. It is hunting season please review the club rules and the State hunting regulations. We follow all VA State DWR rules for taking game but have some additional safety requirements because of the proximity of our neighbors and the other uses, like Scouts, of our property. Chapter Hunter Safety training card is required by the State as permission to hunt on private property. If the red triangular flag is up in front of the caretaker’s house there are hunters in the field and you should take appropriate precaution, if you plan to go out in the woods. We have established a new Special Committee dedicated to exploring financial growth paths for the Chapter. If you are interested in helping and volunteering for this Committee, please contact Steve Pierce via email on the website and let him know. We will also be looking at updating our IRS non-profit status for the future. BE SURE TO CHECK THE WEB SITE FOR RANGE CLOSURES. We are hoping to have mulch delivered soon and the heavy equipment that we need to spread the mulch will be on the ranges.

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Michael R Scherr, Chapter President , Send Message , (Log in to see additional contact info)

For more information on Conservation/Water, see IWLA Conservation/Water