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Izaak Walton League: Defenders of Soil, Woods, Water, Air, and Wildlife.

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President's Corner

President’s Corner May 2024 Elections were held at the May meeting and Officers and Directors installed today. The only change is Anthony Larson has taken the position as Chapter Secretary replacing Jeff Salzberg who stepped down. We thank Jeff for the help and leadership he has provided the Chapter and welcome Anthony to our Chapter leadership. We also voted and approved our new Constitution at the meeting which will be posted on the website. June 1 is our annual M-1 Grand ARC match to celebrate and honor the D-Day Anniversary. Bring our you M-1s or other rifles and enjoy the match. We have repaired our electronic gate. It DOES NOT allow piggybacking. People who do not FOB in and if it closes on their vehicle, it is on them, not the chapter. It is also under CCTV observation. We have our Spring water sampling and testing scheduled for 2 June. We sample the water for micro-invertebrates. We expect very good results to show very low levels of pollution by the presence of pollution intolerant species and we have had in past years. If your or your family would like to help and see how we check our streams are doing please contact Erika Wettergreen and let her know you would like to help. We tested the condition of our clubhouse well water for several items. We did this to establish a baseline. We have no detectable lead or bacteria in our clubhouse water and only and extremely low level (only 10% of the lowest level) of nitrates by EPA standards. We will be running our annual NSSF day on 4 August. This is open to the public as well as members. All our members assist at various Shotgun, rifle pistol activities. Many different firearms and calibers with some limited free ammo to try out. We need volunteers and members to bring friends and neighbors. Invite your friends family, neighbors. Please check the web site to see when work is going on and ranges might be closed. Remember construction activities takes priority as we are paying for the effort. In 2023 we had about 7000 volunteer hours recorded to help keep us operating and safe. We had 336 events on our Chapter last year helping about 2518 adults and 3545 children/scouts on our Chapter. Upcoming on June 8th is the VA state wide Kids fishing day. It is open to the public so let your neighbors know and invite them. If you need service hour time or would like to earn volunteer time for dues reduction and cannot make the monthly working party contact the Caretaker and arrange other time to help. You can earn hours any day.

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Michael R Scherr, Chapter President , Send Message , (Log in to see additional contact info)

For more information on Conservation/Water, see IWLA Conservation/Water