Alexandria Chapter of the Izaak Walton League

2729 Garrisonville Road, Stafford, VA 22556

Izaak Walton League: Defenders of Soil, Woods, Water, Air, and Wildlife.

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Chapter Documents and Forms

Constitution IWLA Alex Chap Constitution revised March 2016 v1 _1_.pdf 97 KB
Bylaws IWLA Alexandria By Laws 20220320.pdf 195 KB
RANGE RULES Effective 1 Jul 2021.pdf IWLA_ALEXANDRIA_CHAPTER_RANGE_RULES_1JULY_2021_Final.pdf 176 KB
New Members SAFETY ORIENTATION IWLA - 7-30-2020.pptx IWLA NMB 7-30-2020.pptx 3,964 KB
Hunting Regulations IWLA 2016-2017 Hunting Regulation 20 Jul 15 _2_.pdf 177 KB
Campground Rules IWLA Campground_Rules__Regulations (2).pdf 612 KB
Candidate Vetting Program and Policy IWLA Candidate Vetting Program and Policy effective 3.19.2018 signed.pdf 169 KB
Hunter Safety Brief Power Point Hunter Safety Brief 2016_2017.pptx 772 KB
Shotgun Range SOP Standard Operating Procedure - shotgun range.pdf 701 KB
Youth Volunteer Program 09172017 IWLA Youth Volunteer Program Policy 9.17.2017 - Signed.pdf 1,414 KB
Park Rules 2016 IWLA Alexandria Chapter Park Rules 16 Nov 2015 final.pdf 200 KB
Camping Lease Info 2022 2022 IWLA Campround Lease Agreement.pdf 316 KB
Facility Use Request IWLA Facilities Use Request Form 17 Feb 2019.pdf 160 KB
Guest Shoot Log Guest Shoot Log.pdf 36 KB
ITAR Certification Form IWLA_ITAR_Certification_Form.pdf 117 KB
Membership Application IWLA Mbr App 20150707.pdf 271 KB
Rifle Pistol Range Log Book Rifle Pistol Range Log Book.pdf 61 KB
Temp Camping -IWLA Outside Chapter Temp Camping -IWLA other Chapters.pdf 314 KB
Temporary Campground Agreement IWLA Temp Camping -Chapter Members.pdf 312 KB
Executive Board 
Big 50 Fund Raiser 2020 IWLA Fund Raiser Big 50 2020.pdf 146 KB
Caretaker Compensation Package COMPENSATION PACKAGE FOR IWLA CARETAKER 2020501.pdf 46 KB
Caretaker Job Description IWLA JOB DESCRIPTION CARETAKER 20220504.pdf 75 KB
Certificate of Use 2019 Certificate of Use.pdf 49 KB
CMP Rifle Match Flyer 20191005 IWLA CMP Rifle Match Flyer 20191015.pdf 156 KB
Electrofishing Report 2016 Izaak Walton League EF report.pdf 1,005 KB
EO 72 TEMPORARY RESTRICTIONS DUE TO COVID-19 EO-72 Restrictions-Due-to-COVID-19.pdf 436 KB
EO 72 THIRD Amended COVID-19 EO-72-THIRD-AMENDED COVID 19.pdf 432 KB
Eo72 as Amended EO-72-AMENDED (COVID-19).pdf 437 KB
Hunting Brief pdf IWLA Alexandria Chapter Hunting Brief_20200808.pdf 3,914 KB
Hunting Brief pptx IWLA Alexandria Chapter Hunting Brief_202008081.pptx 13,102 KB
Hunting Brief vid IWLA Alexandria Chapter Hunting Brief_20200808.mp4 138,137 KB
Next Level Bowhunt Workshop 2018 Next Level Bowhunt Workshop 2018.pdf 367 KB
No Hunting Zone and Grid No Hunting Area and Grid.jpg 155 KB
NRA Pistol Instructor Pre-Course Qual Stds NRA Pistol Instructor Pre-Course Qualification Standards.pdf 174 KB
NRA Pistol Instructor Pre-qual Target 4 PistINSTtgt.pdf 36 KB
NRA RSO Course Flyer (9 JAN 2019) NRA RSO Course Flyer (9 JAN 2019).pdf 61 KB
NRA RSO Course Registration Form (9 JAN 2019) NRA RSO Course Registration Form (9 JAN 2019).pdf 151 KB
NSSF Day AAR 8-2-20 NSSF DAY AAR Alex Chapter 8-2-20.docx 15 KB
President ITAR Letter Sep 2015 IWLA Chapter President ITAR Letter September 2015 _09 04 15 SCB Proposed Revisions_.pdf 66 KB
Rifle Range Boundary IWLA Range Boundary.jpg 130 KB
Save Our Streams Class May 2019 VASOS_fred_rapp_May 2019.pdf 1,337 KB
Skills Fall 2018 Flyer Skills Fall 2018 Flyer.pdf 209 KB
Trail Map iwla_trail_eagle_project.pdf 1,359 KB
VHEA July 2018 Clays Flyer VHEA July 2018 Clays Flyer.pdf 209 KB
Waterfowl Workshop Flyer 2018 Waterfowl Workshop Flyer 2018.pdf 407 KB
Watershed Conservation Project Article in May 2017 Outdoor America IWLA Alex Endowment Article 20170501.pdf 959 KB
Website - Membership Renewals IWLA Web Renewals.pdf 110 KB
Youth Archery Event 20190428 Youth Archery Event 2019.pdf 113 KB
Youth Shotgun Article in May 2017 Outdoor America IWLA Alex Youth Shotgun League Article 20170501.pdf 1,905 KB
LEOs_n_lawyers IWLA_LEOs_n_lawyers.pdf 26 KB
2002 CRSO Flyer 2020 IWLA CRSO flyer.pdf 170 KB
2020 Course Registration Form 2020 IWLA gen reg.pdf 328 KB
IWLA open house 2 Aug 20 NSSF day flyer 2020.jpeg 173 KB