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Izaak Walton League: Defenders of Soil, Woods, Water, Air, and Wildlife.

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President's Corner

Chapter Presidents Letter March 2020 PLEASE CHECK THE WEB SITE FOR UP TO DATE ANNOUNCEMENTS AND CLOSURES: Virginia EO 53 (issued 23 March 2020) directs that ALL indoor and group activities will be canceled through April 30. (the EO is posted on our web site) This mandatory order includes the April monthly membership meetings, Scout/Youth meetings/activities and the pistol class scheduled for 25 April etc. The Turkey shoot has already been closed and will have to be scheduled in May. We are also canceling outdoor group activities such as competitions (ARC, NRL Shotgun League) guest shoots etc. The ranges will remain open for individual recreational shooters (Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun, and Archery). We just ask that you practice good social distancing and leave at least the mandatory 6 feet between shooters. Space out as much as possible. Individual camping (tent and RV) is allowed but again no group camping. Hang in there, we will get through this and we will keep you posted as things progress and when the Governor modifies the EO. FRONT GATE. Good News. The gate is working. The new system is installed and works with our data base. However a very few members (About 5) have experienced issues with their FOB. The FOB reader is in the CENTER of the keypad under the #5 Key. Place the fob there, not along the bottom edge like the previous one. If it does not read (beep and Green light on top) try again. Any issues send an Email to me, Jim Matthews, Geoff Jackson and Marty Marbach. Include the date time either entering or exiting your full name and member number. The system will record every swipe it reads and will give us a reason for denied entry. If the gate is open for an event still fob in and out we need the ‘traffic’ on the controller and see if there any issues that the vendor needs to correct. When entering or exiting an open gate SLOW DOWN and fob in. The speed limit is 15 not 25 or more. We will be placing a speed bump at the gate to keep the speed under control. The camera system is operational and records gate entries with a time stamp coinciding with the Fob/Keypad functions. This will help us with issues and problems at the gate and allow us to identify problems and fix them. PLEASE CHECK THE WEBSITE ANNOUNCEMENTS. We expect the excavator to be on site and working on the rifle range and pistol range shortly. He will come out with his heavy equipment and get started. He plans to limit his work to the week days and not close the ranges on the weekends. When he is onsite he has the priority and no Rifle/Pistol shooting will be allowed. Please be patient we will be getting berms built and other shooting bays to give us a lot more capability to have matches, training, long range and steel shooting ranges without impact to recreational shooting. August is National Shooting Sports Month and in 2020 we will participate on the 2nd of August. Since we are just starting to plan our participation will be looking for ideas to this public event and volunteers to help set up and run various activities. Marty Sprick have volunteered to be the Special Committee Chair and help coordinate the day. Please let him know your thoughts for activities publicity and what you are willing to do to help. We will need RSO activity coordinators and those willing to help even if only to flip burgers. We will be waiving the guest fees on the rifle/pistol range. We would like to have multiple stations (rifle, pistol, shotgun, fishing and archery) open to the public. Mike Scherr Chapter President

Mike Russell Receives Service Award

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Michael Scherr, Chapter President , mikeiwla-alex[AT]outlook[DOT]com , (Log in to see additional contact info)

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