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2729 Garrisonville Road, Stafford, VA 22556

Izaak Walton League: Defenders of Soil, Woods, Water, Air, and Wildlife.

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President's Corner

With the By-law change approved by the membership concerning the elections, a candidate vetting procedure was drawn up and approved by the Executive Board. The procedures and criteria for the vetting will be posted on the website.
The Board voted to modify the rifle and pistol range rules to allow clay pigeons to be used as targets on the ranges. The Clay pigeons are only to be set up on the vertical face of the back stops. This will allow an interesting aim point and a breakable target. For instance, for those sighting in a new rifle, watching the point of impact and compared to the point of aim (clay pigeon) should get you sighted in much quicker.
We all owe a big thanks to the guys running the Turkey shoot this year they have raised about $13000 for the Chapter to date.
The Shotgun range has had to raise the cost of a round for members $1 to $5 to cover costs.
On Tuesdays we are starting a Bull’s-eye Pistol league. The normal course of fire is slow, timed and rapid with two or three pistols, 22LR, Center fire such as a .38 or .45 with Target ammo and .45 cal. Come out to learn and practice you precision pistol skills. There will be several shooters to instruct and coach.
14 of our trees fell during the wind storm across our fences and into our neighbor’s yards. Mike Dickerson and Mike Russell will be working to help our neighbors to clear these trees. Anyone who wants to help remove them, please contact Mike& Mike. Wood cut from the tree removal project maybe available, as free fire wood.
Our current Caretaker will be resigning soon and we are beginning to search for a replacement for Pete and Bethany. We will post the Job Description on the web site. Procedures include submitting a resume to the hiring committee and interviews to the top three candidates. The position includes living in the caretaker’s house and maintaining our facilities and activities. We expect to have it posted soon on the web site and start advertising.
We have a very full schedule of events over the next month and a half CHECK THE WEB SITE !!!
-March 24 is the date postponed Steel Challenge.
-Guest day for April is postponed from 1 April to 8 April due to EASTER.
-The Guest day on 8 April is pistol only as the rifle range has been allocated for the Appleseed Clinic.
-Work party for April is the second Saturday instead of the third so it is the day before the general membership meeting 15 April. Mike Scherr Chapter President
For more information, contact:
Michael Scherr, Chapter President , mikeiwla-alex[AT]outlook[DOT]com , (Log in to see additional contact info)

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