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Izaak Walton League: Defenders of Soil, Woods, Water, Air, and Wildlife.

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President's Corner

Chapter Presidents Letter October 2018 PLEASE CHECK THE WEB SITE FOR UP TO DATE ANNOUNCEMENTS Tuesday Evening ‘Steel “Trigger Time” Pistol Matches are shooting Steel with your pistol, revolver or PCC (Pistol Caliber Carbine) join us having fun and safe shooting. The change in to Standard Time from Daylight Saving will put a crimp is these matches so come out while we have the extra hour. It is annual budget time and the Budget committee has been appointed. The committee chair is Timi Rogers (Treasurer) members who volunteered for the committee are Mike Mooney, Mark Hardy and Ed MacBride. All suggestions for 2019 items and projects from Committee Chairs members etc should be passed to them in the next month. The budget needs to go to the Board of Directors for action in early December. Marty Hanse one of our members of the Board of Directors and our RSO coordinator has had to step down due to insufficient time to devote to our chapter. He has served us very well for years and we thank him for his devotion to our chapter. Eric Brown or CMP Rifle Competition Chair has been appointed to fill the time remaining in Marty’s term as Director. Dan Chartier has volunteered to take over the job as RSO Coordinator. RSO’s who would like to purchase Guest Vouchers may get them from Dan or Geoff our caretaker If any member would like to have FREE firewood or cinder blocks you are welcome to take what you can use. The cinder-blocks are stacked beside the turkey shoot house behind the blue Porta Potty. The Firewood is under the blue tarps behind the pole barn Remember an individual, or family, who wishes to tent camp, this is free just check with the Caretaker to ensure there is nothing else scheduled and we know you are out in the woods. The Chapter approved a modifications or the Campground rules to allow short term temporary RV camping. This is for both Members and other Chapters IWLA members (no range use for non-Alexandria Chapter members). This will allow weekend site use for up to 7 days. Fees are by the day and a charge for electric hookup. Contact the Chapter Caretaker or the President if interested in short term site rental. We approved a mod to our Bylaws to require New Members to perform 4 hours of service with our monthly working parties within the first 6-months of their joining. The new members joining November will have this requirement. 2019 Membership renewals are now available on line. The cards will be mailed shortly but online renewal saves our chapter about $400 per year printing and mailing. Mike Scherr Chapter President

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For more information, contact:
Michael Scherr, Chapter President , mikeiwla-alex[AT]outlook[DOT]com , (Log in to see additional contact info)

For more information on Conservation/Water, see IWLA Conservation/Water