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Youth Fishing Day
This year's Youth Fishing Day was a great success. A total of 53 anglers from 2 years old to 13 years old took part. A total of 51 fish were caught, with the largest being two 15" bass and the smallest being 4". Top winners for each group were:
Age 10-14
Most Caught          Isaiah Costaneds 4
Largest Caught      (tie) Madison Brewer & Kevin Crutchley (ages 10 & 12) each caught a 15 inch bass
Smallest Caught     Kevin Crutchley 5.5 inch

Ages 5-9                             
Most Caught            Caleb Crutchley (age 8) 14                             
Largest Caught         Jessica Gioia (age 7) 14.5 inch                             
Smallest Caught       Kaden Rock-Ellis (age 8) 4 inch

Ages 0-4                           
Most Caught Wyatt Raila (age 4) caught 10                             
Largest Caught         Wyatt Raila (age 4) caught a 9.5 inch fish
Smallest Caught     Weston Raila (age 4) caught a 7.5 inch fish  

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