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Working on the Roof


I know that it is hard to believe, but this shell is the Turnkey Shoot  building.

Now the project started off with the simple mission of re-roofing the building.  If you have ever seen the movie The Money Pit, or been involved in a renovation yourselves you will understand what happened next

It seems that the roof was resting on really rotten trusses == so they had to be replaced

So that required new rafters

So obliviously a few bearing walls needed replacing

Thus we needed tools – this shot is in mainly because the webmaster thought it was a fine still life.

Of course that meant that we had to get on ladders – after checking to make sure we did not exceed the weight limit.

Of course there were endless discussions

However adult supervision was provided

A bit at a time the old rot was replaced by new wood

Of course there were a few questions along the lines of “Where does this piece go.”

But we persevered and

And the adult supervision kept things going

And going

And going

Carrying the big stuff took some effort – not this picture, the next one

The moment when we finally got back to the roof and put in that first truss in place was a moment to remember – but nor for too long

The crew was ready willing and able to get on with the rest (yeah right.)

I suspect that that last line was very hard to meet

To Be Continued