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ITAR Certification form is required due to the ITAR (International Trafficing in Arms Regulation), where only U.S. Citizens can receive firearms training. Click here to find out more about the ITAR law.

Hunter Education:
Virginia requires Hunter Education if you are 12–15 years old or a first-time hunter. The Hunter Education dates planned at the chapter are listed above. To sign up for any Hunter Education classes go to And click on the link
"Find and Register for a Class Near You" Enter 22556 for Stafford IWLA
Leonard Hart, our IWLA Chapter Hunter Education Chairman, was recently presented the Morgan Award as Virginia’s top Hunter Education Instructor. In the first picture, to Leonard’s left, is David Dodson, Virginia’s Hunter Education Program Manager. To his right is Jimmy Mootz, our VDGIF Region 4 Coordinator. The woman in the pictures is a member of the Morgan family. The Morgan award was established in 1985 by the Morgan family after the untimely death of William Dixon Morgan on November 22, 1983, when another hunter failed to identify his target before shooting. The award is presented each year to the hunter education volunteer who best exemplifies the spirit of commitment to hunter safety in Virginia. Leonard is a Master Hunter Education Instructor who has averaged 300.5 volunteer hours per year over 11 years. He has trained over 3,700 students. In a separate action, Leonard has been selected as one of six (in the Nation) International Hunter Education Association Champions of Hunter Education, for which he received a hunting rifle.

Leonard Hart - Champions of Hunter Education Award

Leonard Hart - Morgan Award as VA's top instructor
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Training primarily consists of Chapter NRA Courses and VA DGIF Hunting Education classes.

For information about Hunting on the Chapter property (to include the required education brief), please go to the Chapter Hunting page.

For more information, contact:
Christopher Mooney, Training Committee Chair

For more information on Outdoor Recreation: Outdoor Ethics, see IWLA Outdoor Recreation: Outdoor Ethics