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Izaak Walton League: Defenders of Soil, Woods, Water, Air, and Wildlife.

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Civilian Marksmanship Program

Our next CMP event is a rifle match April 6, 2019. 800-0845 Check in and set up targets. 0845 Safety brief 0900 First relay sets up and match begins. $20 members, $30 non-members, under 18 FREE. All shots from 100 yards. 55 rounds (5 sighting in and 50 for score) 5 sighting in rounds (any position) in 5 min. 20 slow fire in 20 min from prone 10 rapid fire in 70 sec from standing to prone (magazine change) 10 rapid fire in 60 sec from standing to sitting or kneeling (magazine change) 10 slow fire in 10 min from standing Maximum shooters is 20 for two 10 person relays so send me an email to get on the list. What you need: Rifle (vintage military or modern military) web sling or leather match sling (tactical slings are no help to you) ammo for your rifle shooting mat or something to lay on during the prone position Shooting jacket if you have one heavy glove for your support hand ear and eye protection two magazines or clips for the rapid fire stages To learn more go to

March 2017 Match

February 2018 Match

October 2018 Relay 1

October 2018

February 2019 Pistol Match

Military & Police Course (2019)

Relay 1 Feb 2019
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Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP)

For more information, contact:
Eric Brown, Civilian Marksmanship Program Committee Chair , (Log in to see additional contact info)